yogibato yoga katha yoga for abs and back

Yoga for Abs & Back

A strong core brings many benefits. If you regularly train your abdominal and back muscles, you’re not only doing something for an upright and heal...

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yogibato yoga katha yin yoga

Yin Yoga

If you want to do something for supple fascia, your connective tissue and relax your muscles then Yin Yoga is right for you. Yin Yoga is a passive ...

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yogibato yoga katha after work yoga

After Work Yoga

This session is suitable for anyone who wants to have relaxed shoulder-neck muscles, supple hips, a strong torso and a healthy, stable and mobile s...

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Yogibato Yoga Katha Moon Salutation

Moon Saluatation

The moon salutation also called Chandra Namaskar is a flowing sequence of yoga movements. In contrast to the sun salutation, the moon salutation is...

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yogibato yoga katha energy flow

Yoga Energy Flow

This unit consists of flowing movements synchronized with your breath. Vinyasa yoga is a moving meditation and helps to and clear your mind. At the...

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Yogibato Yoga Katha Yoga Balance Flow

Yoga Balance Flow

This yoga session is simply fun! It will be intense and sweaty, a combination of familiar and new asanas. We’ll focus on strengthening your entire ...

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Yogibato Yoga Katha Yoga for Shoudlers and Neck

Yoga for Neck & Shoulders

Does your shoulder and neck area feel tight and tense? Do you work sitting at your desk in front of your computer? This yoga session is for you! It...

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Yogibato Yoga Katha Detox Yoga Flow

Detox Yoga Flow

In this yoga session we twist to stimulate our metabolism, knead the organs, and energize the body. Gentle twists release tension in the shoulder a...

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Yogibato Yoga Katha Exercises with Yoga Blocks

Exercises using a Yoga Block

In this video I’m showing you seven different ways to incorporate a yoga block into your practice.  Yogibato yoga blocks are super versatile. In qu...

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Yogibato Yoga Katha Meditation

Focus through Meditation

Meditation helps to be aware of the moment and to be in the here and now. Your life is happening right now in this moment. There are many different...

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Yogibato Yoga Katha Yoga for more Confidence

Yoga for more Confidence

Virabhadrasana is the Sanskrit name for our warrior. With the warrior poses you strengthen especially the lower extremities. The hip flexor as well...

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Yogibato Yoga Katha Soft Full Body Yoga Flow

Soft Full Body Yoga Flow

You practice this gentle yoga flow without straining your arm and shoulder muscles. You move fluidly through the different poses to create a beauti...

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